[community profile] myoldfandom Letter:

Hi! Thank you so much for writing for me. I'm sure I'll love whatever you write. Below are just suggestions, go with what feels right for the characters!

Likes: Found family, families of choice, team as family, slice of life, cuddling, friendship. I like het, slash and femslash.

Dislikes: mentor/student pairings, non-con, char bashing

Alpha Flight: This is my favorite team and Jean-Paul is one of my favorite characters. I love his snark. I love when he got married. If you want to explore something with his daughter or his relationship with his sister that would be amazing. Or something with him becoming the reluctant hero. Eugene had always been a little rough around the edges. I love him hanging out with Logan (Wolverine). I love his loyalty to his friends. What does being part of the team mean to him? What his life like when he goes home and stops being a hero? Heather went through so much during the series. What was it like helping her husband become the leader of a superhero team, only to have him die, and then feel the need to pick up the mantle of leader herself? What's it like after the she's gotten her husband back and started a family. Can one just give up the mantle of superhero? Langkowski had this amazing storyline where for two years she was Wanda. She was happy and comfortable in her own skin, then got turned back into Walter. It always seems to me she was happier being Wanda. In the current book Walter is working with his ex Jeanne-Marie, how are they working their way towards a solid friendship? Anything team related. Team bonding. Team as family. A mission.

Firefly: Anything with this series would be amazing. Give me Zoe, River, Kaylee and Inara having a girls night in or out. Give me Zoe/Wash backstory or curtain fic. Give me River/Kaylee or River and Kaylee being best friends. Give me Inara/Kaylee. I love team as family with this series. Or write me heist fic.

Queer as Folk UK: Stuart/Vince was one of my first canon pairing. Anything with these two would be amazing. Their time exploring America. Get together fic. Curtain fic. Getting together while they're in America and then having to deal with everyone's opinion when they got home. Or Stuart and being a father would be fun too.

BtVS: I love these three characters. Give me Tara growing more comfortable with herself as time goes on. What would it have been like if she hadn't died? Give me Tara, Spike, and Dawn bonding. Give me curtain fic. Give me Spike learning to be the reluctant hero. Spike and Dawn had this nice sibling relationship going on, give me Spike realize that Dawn is the little sister he never had. Give me team as family. Include anyone else that fits, just please make the focus of the fic one or more of these three.

Again thanks for writing for me!
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