Hi! Thank you so much for writing for me. I'm sure I'll love whatever you write. Below are just suggestions, go with what feels right for the characters!

Likes: Found family, families of choice, team as family, slice of life, cuddling, friendship. I like het, slash and femslash.

Dislikes: mentor/student pairings, non-con, char bashing

MMPR - Kim/Kat or Kim and Kat friendship. Keeping in touch after passing the torch. Adam/Rocky or Adam and Rocky. Joining the team, settling in to being part of the team, being the new kids at school. Billy/Kim or Billy/Rocky Being a ranger gives Billy a focus for his inventions. Any of them learning to overcome their fears, learning the importance of being a team. Hurt/Comfort after a monster attack.

Mystic Force - I really like Daggeron/Maddie. Though a fic focused on any of these three would be awesome. How does Daggeron adjust to living in a new time period and training the new rangers. Maddie saves the day! Plan Xander works! Friendship, team. Xander being a big flirt.

Dino Charge - Kendall/Chase or Chase/Ivan. Give me Ivan adjusting to modern times. Give me the early days when it was just Kendall and Chase. Give me Kendall realizing that she's going to be a tech for rangers. Give me Kendall before finding the rangers. Give me team as family.

Time Force - Eric/Wes or Wes/Jen or Wes/Jen/Eric For Eric and Wes adjusting to life when the team leaves. Eric, learning to trust. Jen, learning to overcome grief and heartache and move one. Jen and Nadira, adjusting to a new time period. Or Jen/Nadira helping each other adjust to leaving a time period they learned to love behind. Wes/Jen/Eric...both Jen and Eric love Wes, can they love each other too?

Zeo- Give me Adam and Rocky adjusting after Aisha leaves, they've been the three of them so long what does it mean now that it's just the two of them? Adam/Rocky, Adam/Tanya. Tanya adjusting to the new timeline/place as well as becoming a superhero. Kat/Tanya, each one supporting the other's rather large dreams for their future. Jason rejoining a team that's different from the one he left, but no less family. Jason tends to lead, is a natural leader, so what happens when he has to step back and be another member of the team? When Jason first shows up Rocky has some jealousy issues, how do these two become friends? (if this takes a Jason/Rocky route I won't mind, but friendship is great too!)

The Sarah Jane Adventures- Give me Luke and Sky sibling fic! Clyde/Rani first date. Give me case fic! Or adventures fic? How does Luke's life change when he goes to university? What adjustments does he have to make? Sarah Jane, Luke and Sky family fic, maybe a holiday. Any team as family for this series would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry this took me so long to put together! Thanks again!


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