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( Aug. 13th, 2013 08:13 pm)
My internet isn’t working. I just found out that the landline was canceled yesterday and though I was assured that my internet would still work it isn’t. So I’m going to give them a call tomorrow and see what can be done, though I may just cancel it for a time. I can always use the library and my dad’s internet.

My brother and sister-in-law moved in with me to ‘their new house’ and I’m still sorting out my thoughts on this.

Oh the upside, despite the summer being rough and mostly consumed with sorting through my grandma’s things, confining my things to either my room or the basement and moving my brother’s family’s things in, I earned A’s in both my classes! I had only been at my current school two semester swhen I failed out of Nursing 1600 by 3 pts and this lowered my GPA enough that I was basically out of the Nursing Program. As soon as grades posted I was in their office seeing what could be done and they told me all the spots for fall were filled and I’d have to wait till spring. There was a way to work it so that either way starting this fall or spring I would finish up next fall. The program manager was out of the office till today so I signed up for some classes just in case she couldn’t do anything for me and then gave her a call after I got out of work today. She said I was second in the lottery and then asked me to go on hold. When she got back on she’d managed to find me a seat! I have to attend the class/lab at the campus that is farthest from my house but I’m in!
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( Jun. 3rd, 2013 11:46 pm)
So seeing a specialist for my grandma meant he scheduled surgery as soon as possible, so my father and I spent the week running around with her getting all the things that needed done beforehand finished. She had surgery today and thankfully came out of it well.

Details: )

She should be home tomorrow. I took the day off work, my father is going to leave work early on Wed so I can make it to class and at this point I'm calling and asking to use a PTO day on Thurs. My work has been really good about getting me the time off I've needed to help take care of her this week so hopefully that'll continue.
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( May. 30th, 2013 09:55 pm)
I've decided to start posting both personal and fannish things on this journal instead of just keeping it fannish. So if you're friends with me on LJ and DW and don't feel like dealing with double posts, perhaps unfriend me from one.

Today while deciding on what toys to let my 15 month old niece play with I offered her my Captain American action figure. She snagged him smiling, then kissed him, somehow managing to hit his lips and then handed him back to me with a satified look on her face. Her job clearly done she went back to glomping Stitch and finding an adventure for Sasquatch and Aurora (from Alpha Flight).
I didn't pass my 1600 class by 3pts or if you want to get really exact .7%. At this point it looks like I can readmit and get put into a lottery and will be able to retake the class as soon as there is an opening, hopefully this fall. This pushes my grad date back by a year as I would get summers off.

I was really upset at first because this is a huge setback, but that's all this is, a setback. After thinking it over I've realized this might actually be better for me in the end. The summer class was two days a week at 5 hours of lecture time each day with a clinical two days a week at ten hours a day. I would've had to work the 3 12hr shifts at work on the other 3 days of the week to maintain my health insurance and pay my bills. My grandma is having some rather bad health issues that came to a head this week and we now need to see a specialist. I would've had to start school in 2 weeks. I was getting stressed out at the idea of going back when my grandma really needs me at home right now. I can retake 1600 in the fall and then the class that would've been 9 wks over the summer will be a regular spring class over 16 wks.

Also with the nine week class I was stuck with the job I have now while going through that class, not having school over the summer allows me to poke my head around and see if I can't find a better job or at least one similar that'll pay me more.
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( May. 14th, 2008 04:26 pm)
my Great-Aunt's birthday, except she passed away last year. It's also my birthday. I'm twenty-five. It's the first time that it's been my birthday alone, or maybe it isn't. I can't take away that this is her birthday, even if she's no longer aging and no longer here. My whole life I was her 'birthday girl', but it wasn't until she moved in with my Aunt, only a few months before she passed away, that I got to know her. I'm better for it, and grateful that I got that opportunity. We also for the first time got to celebrate out birthday together.

This year for her birthday my Aunt asked me and my mother to write a poem. I hadn't written a poem in ages. I managed to do it and thankfully it was well recieved.

I wanted to cry when I woke up, but didn't.

Basically I've spent a lazy day catching up on tv, wasting time until my Grandma and I are to meet my parents for dinner. The parties on Saturday, I got off work for it. It's a birthday/graduation party. Should be nice.

I'm just a bit sad today, but in the end I suppose that's normal.


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