Hi! Thank you so much for writing for me.

Likes: Found family, families of choice, team as family, slice of life, cuddling, friendship. I like het, slash, femslash, and gen.

Dislikes: mentor/student pairings, incest, non-con, char bashing.

Below are fandom specific prompts, but they're just suggestions.

Ghostbusters: I love this movie! I love the found family aspect of them all coming together. I love them rescuing each other and testing new gadgets. I love that Kevin's part of their family, even if he's not he best secretary ever. Favorite characters are Holtzmann and Patty. Maybe a fic where Patty's historical knowledge save the day? Or Holtzmann is having trouble getting her latest invention to work and receives comfort and inspiration from her friends? Or preseries Abby and Erin friends, shennaigans they got up to when they were young? Maybe a team bonding night, what do Ghostbusters do on their night off? I ship Abby/Erin, Holtzmann/Patty, and Holtzmann/Erin.

D.E.B.S: Such a cute movie. How about Lucy and Amy's anniversary, how do they celebrate? What's life like for them in the future? Where does Janet end up? Where does Max end up? Max had a rough time accepting her best friend loved Lucy, did she maybe have a crush on Amy too? Anything team as family would be awesome too!

Power Rangers in Space: Andros often gets left to his own devices while his teammates are in school, how does Adele help him adjust to life on Earth? Preseries Andros and Zhane fic...were they together? Just best friends? Were they always good friends? Silvy's adventures with the space rangers? What's it like growing up when your friends with overprotective rangers? Andros attempting to help Zhane adjust to life on Earth shennigans.

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Back story on anyone would be lovely! The early days when Chase was the only ranger. Heckly makes friend with the rangers...does he change his evil ways or try to get them to be evil with him? For Kendall the troubles of trying to run a museum, be a rangers and the team tech. Or what does Kendall do on her day off. Hurt/Comfort for Tyler...now that he's found his dad and his dad's left he needs his friends more than ever. Or some of Tyler's adventures looking for his dad. I ship pretty much everything in this series except Chase/Riley and James/Tyler. Please don't write me either of those ships.

Stargate Universe: Any of them adjusting to life on Destiny. Eli adjusting to not seeing his mother as much as he's used to. Eli learning to be a asset tot he Destiny crew. What if TJ's baby had lived? TJ working on putting the medical room together. TJ getting help running medical. Lisa Park exploring Desitny. Lisa Park save the day! Or Vanessa James saves the day! Friendship or femslash for any of the woman. Or a mission fic using all four of them!

Thank you again for writing for me!



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