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My mom, who I've had problems with in the past. She stalked me and so I put up with her company at family events and otherwise don't engage her. She posted a meme on her FB page:

Maybe the reason grown adults are acting like children about President Trump is because he stepped up and has acted like the “strict parent” to a group of spoiled, ignorant, and entitled “teenagers” in a government that has been in need of a true Father figure for a long time.

I responded:

I protest because I had a mother who had a serious discussion with me to make sure I realized that I’m equal to any male in my life, to never accept being made less than a man, after watching a little girl on TV pretend she couldn’t roller skate so a boy she was friends with could teach her. I protest because I had a father who introduced me to Star Trek. I watched people from all walks of life and backgrounds work together towards the common goal of making everyone’s lives better. I protest because I had parents who made sure I watched as the Berlin Wall was torn down and taught me that we don’t build walls between people. I have parents who made sure I watched Schindler’s List, that I understood what the Holocaust was, that I understood that this must never happen again. I had parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends who taught me that no one group of people should be made out to be a feared ‘Other’ because that way leads to destruction and a part of our history that we’ll have to be forever vigilant about not allowing it to occur again.

I protest because I grew up watching X-men the Animated Series, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and Sesame Street. I learned that people are different and varied, that this should be celebrated. I had grandparents that taught me to treat a person as a person and to not let preconceived notions cloud my judgement of them. I grew up watching Reading Rainbow and Wishbone. I was encouraged to read, learn and think for myself. I read Harry Potter. I watched as an authoritarian, racist, force attempted to take over and was told that they would not be allowed to do so.

I protest because I was raised by parents who taught me that God doesn’t care how you worship him, as long as while you do so you don’t hurt someone else. There is no wrong way to worship. I was taught to respect if someone didn’t wish to worship, that there was nothing wrong with this either. I protest because I had an aunt and cousin, because I have friends, with disabilities and I know that they are not less than me in any way. I protest because I have family and friends with pre-existing conditions and I know that they are not less than me in any way. My parents taught me empathy.

I protest because my heroes growing up: Princess Leia, Harriet Tubman, Anne Shirley, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Uhura, Jo March, Jubilation Lee, Jadiza Dax, Kira Nerys, Kathryn Janeway, Seven of Nine, B’Elanna Torres, Ariel, Mulan, Belle, Helen Keller, and so many others…would be protesting as well. I protest because protests work. Women have the right to vote because of protestors. Civil Rights were spurred forward because of protestors. I have the right to get married because of protestors. I live in a democracy. If I see something wrong, if I am watching someone be wronged, I have the right to speak out, I have the right to point out that I or someone else is being mistreated. This is not childish behavior, this is being the responsible adult that my family raised me to be.

The problem with interacting with someone who once stalked you is you are always worried about engaging because you don't know if something will trigger them to stalk you again. She responded to my comment and said I made my point, except now she is responding to several of my facebook posts trying to engage me again and randomly texting me to let me know she loves me. It's anxiety educing and starting to frustrate me.



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