Hi! Thank you so much for writing for me.

Likes: Found family, families of choice, team as family, slice of life, cuddling, friendship. I like het, slash, femslash, and gen.

Dislikes: mentor/student pairings, incest, non-con, char bashing.

Below are fandom specific prompts, but they're just suggestions.

Legends of Tomorrow: I really love Mick/Len as a pairing, but if that isn't your thing I love the idea of Mick being family to Lisa and Len. Does Mick help raise Lisa? What was Lisa's first impression of Mick? Maybe a they do a con together fic. Lisa or Len is hurt/ill and how does that affect the other two. Maybe Lisa joined the Legends team with Mick and Len, how does that change dynamics? For Lily/Jax how does one navigate falling in love the with daughter of the guy you share a body with? Martin and Lily learning to be family. Clarrisa getting Jax to realize he is a part of their family too. Maybe some curtain fic for Clarissa/Martian. Maybe Jax and Lily team up to get Martian to take a holiday with his wife and discover they're attracted to each other.

Power Rangers Dino Charge: This series had so many awesome family elements. What was day to day life for Taku and Koda? How does Chase make sure Chole knows she's still important to him when he lives so far away. Ivan and Zach learning to be friends. Mr. Watkins learning to support Shelby and her interests. Or maybe Shelby as a young girl hanging out with her dad.

Power Rangers in Space: For the longest time Andros and Astronema were each other's enemy. How do they deal with the fact that they spent a lot of time trying to kill each other now that they're trying to build a relationship as siblings? Does Karone ask about what life was like before she was kidnapped? Does Andros try and teach her about Earth and get things slightly off? Would actually love if either Zhane or Adele or both were involved in learning about Earth hijinks, or the rest of the team.

Power Rangers RPM: I love Gem and Gemma's relationship, they are super adorable and I love their enthusiasm and that they just adopt Dr. K. When Dr. K. gives in to being adopted, she thought they were dead and they weren't, how does she navigate learning to show them she cares for them just as much as they care for her? Hurt/comfort for these three would be great! Gem and Gemma blow up a building for Dr. K. Dillon and Tenaya have been through a lot, how to they relearn to be siblings? What is their road trip like? Do they find other people out in the world that Venjix hadn't destroyed? I like the Dillon/Ziggy pairing so if that is included then that's awesome.

Firefly: Simon spends a lot of time trying to take care of River, so how does River take care of her brother? Reminiscing about a good memory. Simon teaching River about something or River teaching Simon about something.

BTVS: Buffy and Dawn navigating their new relationship when Buffy becomes Dawn's guardian. Movie night! Dawn doing something nice for Buffy. Buffy and Joyce, learning to navigate the world of Sunnydale together. Joyce wanting to help out with her daughter's slaying activities or Joyce trying to make sure Buffy relaxes between the stress of school and slaying. Joyce, Buffy reassuring Dawn that she is still their family despite how she was made and put into their lives. Curtain fic. What is a quiet morning like for these three? Joyce and Dawn curtain fic, something fluffy and happy. Maybe Dawn's birthday?

Thanks again making me something!


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