Hi! I haven't participated in this exchange in awhile, but I remember having a lot of fun last time I wrote for it.

General likes: Team as family, Found family, Curtain fic

Dislikes: Char bashing, non-con, incest

Below are pairing specific likes, but a lot of the AU tags work as prompts so really these are merely suggestions.

Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton - I feel like these two could just bond easily. They both have hang ups, but they've both had experiences where life has beaten them down, but they've kept going.

Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson - I love the instant friendship, support of each other, and snark between these two.

Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson - I feel like they could be good for each other. They meet through a mutual best friend, but don't immediately click. They have to feel each other out. I love the mutual picking on each other, almost rivalry. There could be some good banter here.

Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers - Gah I love these two. I would really like for these two to get a happy ending.

Peggy Carter/Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis - I loved how fun Ana was and feel like she could balance the seriousness that both Peggy and Edwin have, while bringing out their fun side.



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